SeeTrue For X-ray

Automatic Threat Detection And Alarm Resolution For X-ray Machines

SeeTrue for X-ray delivers accurate and reliable real-time detection of prohibited items including; guns, knives, grenades and IEDs, liquids, electronics, and other restricted items across various baggage and parcel types. It seamlessly integrates with a range of X-ray machines, from multiple vendors like Smiths Detection, Rapiscan, Leidos, Voti, Astrophysics, and Nuctech, employing machine-agnostic advanced algorithms for rapid threat analysis and safety confirmation. It effectively tackles challenges related to security, throughput, customer experience, and cost efficiency.


Accurate real-time detection

Low reject rates

Seamless integration


Smart Auditing and debriefing of scans

Minimum training required

Empower Your Organization With SeeTrue for X-ray 

Optimized Operational Efficiency

SeeTrue minimizes labor costs while maximizing safety. With an estimated 20% increase in passenger throughput, shorter security lines, and decreased need for advanced human training, operational costs are reduced dramatically. SeeTrue eliminates the need for redundant false alarm checks by supervisors.

Enhanced Screening Security

Despite their best efforts and training, human agents have limitations. SeeTrue’s autonomous screening technology detects threats and contraband beyond current capabilities, regardless of the angle, size and occlusions – providing accurate recognition for proactive agent alerts.

Seamless User Experience

AI automation facilitates a faster and more reliable security process, thereby reducing wait times and contributing to a more positive and seamless user experience for individuals.

SeeTrue Analytics 

SeeTrue Analytics helps security managers and various stakeholders improve their operational efficiency and overall security by providing them with valuable insights and analytics about their facility screening processes.

Improve Screening Processes:
Managers can enhance screening processes by gaining insights into critical parameters such as reject rate, recheck time, screening time, and more.

Evaluate Performance:
By analyzing various statistics based on dates and other criteria, managers can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the facility’s screening effectiveness and its evolution over time.

Agnostic to Screening Machine Type:
SeeTrue collects data from any type of machine. Consolidating data analytics and insights from all screening machines in multiple locations provides a unified view regardless of the machine type used.

In their own words

"Acknowledging our responsibility to top-tier security at Israel Railways, we harness the power of AI to provide the highest security standards, ensuring the best passenger experience and safety."
Shaked Bar, Head of Security, Israel Railways

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