Customs & Parcels

Improve Efficiency and Revenue with AI

AI-Driven Threat Detection
in Customs and Parcels

In the rapidly evolving Customs and Parcels industry, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Automated Threat Detection software is not just a technological upgrade; it’s a strategic necessity. We help revolutionize how customs’ operations are conducted, offering unparalleled efficiency and opening new avenues for revenue enhancement.

Key Benefits

Improved Security

Improves the detection rate of hazardous and illegal items, thereby enhancing national security.

Accuracy and Reliability

With advanced algorithms, ATDS reduces human errors and provides consistent, reliable screening results.


Reduces the need for extensive manual checks, lowering operational costs.

Enhanced Confiscation

Increase revenue by accurately detecting and seizing a wide range of contraband from cargo and parcel shipments.

Efficiency and Speed

These systems expedite the screening process, reducing delays and increasing throughput at customs checkpoints.

Our Expertise


Cargo Screening

Mail and Parcel

Implemented Worldwide

News and Updates

14 Nov 2023

Israel Railways Chooses  SeeTrue for AI-Powered Security Advancements

24 Oct 2023

Dasa Security Showcase
May 16, 2024 London, UK  

26 Mar 2023

Smiths Detection Furthers Open Architecture Acceleration with SeeTrue

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