SeeTrue for CT

Automatic threat detection for CT machines

SeeTrue’s AI-advanced 3D algorithms and open architecture platform enable seamless connectivity with CT machine vendors such as IDSS, Smiths Detection, Analogic, and Rapiscan. SeeTrue for CT complements CT machines’ explosive detection with real-time Prohibited Items Detection algorithms, and enables security screening automation, achieving unparalleled throughput and cost efficiency while improving security and customer experience.


Accurate real-time detection

Autonomous AI

Low computing power

API seamless integration


Low total cost of ownership

Empower your organization with SeeTrue for CT 

Optimized Operational

SeeTrue minimizes labor costs while maximizing safety. With an estimated 20% increase in passenger throughput, shorter security lines, and decreased need for advanced human training, operational costs are reduced dramatically. SeeTrue eliminates the need for redundant false alarm checks by supervisors.

Enhanced Screening

Despite their best efforts and training, human agents have limitations. Our AI autonomous screening technology detects threats and contraband beyond current capabilities, regardless of the angle, size, and occlusions – providing accurate recognition for proactive agent alerts.

Seamless User

AI automation facilitates a faster and more reliable security process, thereby reducing wait times and contributing to a more positive and seamless user experience for individuals.

Flexibility for Today and Tomorrow

The adoption of Open Architecture (OA) across security checkpoints in airports and other venues enables the integration of hardware, software, and algorithms from various product suppliers, thereby enhancing security outcomes.

OA facilitates the central management of these components, allowing customers to achieve operational efficiencies, improved safety outcomes, and access to a more relevant and precise data ecosystem. This synergy between AI technology and open architecture yields remarkable results.

By incorporating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions, within an open architectural framework for security screening, we not only elevate security measures but also accelerate the screening process. This harmonious blend streamlines operations and enhances the overall efficiency of security screening.

Automated Prohibited Items Detection (APIDS)

SeeTrue’s cutting-edge APIDS (Automated Prohibited Items Detection Software) is available today as an operator-assist solution and will soon enable image-on-alarm operation following regulatory approvals. Highlighting suspicious objects on-screen, it offers crucial support for security officers, streamlining decision-making processes. This innovation significantly boosts operational efficiency and throughput amid severe staff shortages and rising passenger volumes. It optimizes resource utilization, ensuring airports maintain high-security standards while accommodating growing demand.

In their own words

“By collaborating with partners such as SeeTrue through our open architecture initiative, we’re able to offer our customers a greater choice of solutions that have the potential to enhance their security systems and capabilities,”
Cymoril Metivier, Global Director Digital at Smiths Detection.
"The IDSS/SeeTrue integration demonstrates the power of Open Architecture and validates IDSS's long term investment in this strategy. Our ability to quickly and easily incorporate best of breed technologies which extend the capabilities of our detection platform ensures a higher Return on Investment for our customers and long term viability of the screening technology."
Jeffrey Hamel, CEO and President of IDSS
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