Revolutionizing Efficiency and Security with AI

Addressing evolving security requirements at airports.

The aviation industry is a vital part of global transportation infrastructure, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of millions of passengers and tons of cargo every day.
In this dynamic environment, efficiency and security are paramount. The advent of Automated Threat Detection technology is a game-changer, offering enhanced capabilities to identify and mitigate potential threats swiftly.

Key Benefits

Increased Security

Provides a more robust security framework, capable of identifying threats that might be missed by traditional methods.

Operational Efficiency

Speeds up the security screening process,
reducing bottlenecks and improving airport
throughput by 30%.


Reduces the need for extensive manual checks, lowering operational costs.


Can be easily integrated into existing security infrastructure.

Transforming Airports for Operational Excellence and Enhanced Passenger Experience with AI Screening

Our Expertise

Checkpoint Screening

Hold Baggage Screening

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Cargo Screening

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Worker Screening

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Implemented Worldwide

News and Updates

24 Oct 2023

SeeTrue signs a CRADA with DHS and TSA for its AI Threats Detection Solution

13 Mar 2023

Open Architecture is further accelerated with SeeTrue by Smiths Detection

21 Jun 2022

SeeTrue and IDSS bring the power of AI and CT Open Architecture to Automate Security Screening, with Prohibited Items Detection

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