Urban Security

Enhancing Security in Critical Urban Spaces with AI

Urban Safety Through
Automated Threat Detection

In dynamic urban environments, ensuring safety is crucial. From busy public transportation networks to iconic government buildings, high-security prisons, and lively public spaces, the need for continuous threat monitoring is evident. Automated Threat Detection in urban settings helps identify potential security threats, ranging from concealed weapons to illicit substances like drugs and opioids, ensuring the safety of public spaces.

Key Benefits

Increased Security

Provides a more robust security framework, capable of identifying threats that might be missed by traditional methods.

Operational Efficiency

Speeds up the security screening process,
reducing bottlenecks and improving airport
throughput by 30%.


Reduces the need for extensive manual checks, lowering operational costs.


Can be easily integrated into existing security infrastructure.

Optimizing Security and Efficiency Screening for Mass Transit Travel

Our Expertise

Metros and Railways

Government Buildings


Stadiums and Event Venues

Implemented Worldwide

News and Updates

14 Nov 2023

Israel Railways Chooses  SeeTrue for AI-Powered Security Advancements

14 Nov 2023

SeeTrue’s AI Automatic Detection Sets a New Standard in Urban Security Screening

23 Sep 2023

Police arrest Gazan for Trying to Board Train with 30 cm. Knife

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