Optimizing Security Screening with AI: Fast. Efficient. Secure.

Optimizing Security Screening with AI: Fast. Efficient. Secure.

AI-powered Screening
Software Automation Solution

SeeTrue provides  artificial intelligence-based automatic threat detection solutions for security screening. The solution connects to existing  X-ray and CT systems, enabling organizations  to, reduce  manual procedures, and increase throughput while maximizing safety to provide a seamless passenger experience.

SeeTrue in Numbers

Years Implemented Operationally Since 2019
1 +
Prohibited Items Detected in 2023
1 M+
Bags Scanned Per Month
1 M+
Interceptions of Prohibited Items Per Month
1 M+

SeeTrue Solutions Across Industries



Solutions for airport security needs in checkpoint, hold baggage, air cargo, and worker screening


Urban Security

Tailored solutions for public transportation networks, government buildings, prisons and public venues


Customs and Parcels

Providing safe and reliable detection to prevent the concealment of contraband and potential threats


Ports and Borders

Empowering ports and borders security to rapidly identify unwanted goods and threats

 Our Unique Offering

Optimized for high detection and low reject rates

One AI platform for Detection, Analytics & Open Architecture

Quick introduction of new threats

Connects to existing X-ray and CT scanners

Designed with a “red team” and screening expertise

Commercial off-the-shelf hardware

Implemented Worldwide

News and Updates

14 Nov 2023

SeeTrue’s AI Automated Threat Detection Solution Expands to Pafos Airport..

14 Nov 2023

Israel Railways Chooses  SeeTrue for AI-Powered Security Advancements

7 Nov 2023

US Dept of Homeland Security, TSA to Evaluate SeeTrue Tech

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