Israel Railways chooses SeeTrue for AI-powered security advancements

SeeTrue’s AI Automatic Detection Sets a New Standard in Urban Security Screening

PARIS, Nov. 14, 2023 — SeeTrue, a global AI software solution leader for security screening, disclosed its recent entry into the realm of urban security through a strategic partnership with Israel Railways. This collaborative effort has resulted in the seamless integration of SeeTrue’s cutting-edge AI solution into security screening checkpoints at railway stations throughout Israel, including the country’s largest stations, where more than 1,000 bags require screening every hour.

The integration of SeeTrue into train station security processes has proven to be transformative, maintaining a consistently high level of security and operating continuously around the clock. Passengers now benefit from a faster, smoother security process minimizing stress and ensuring that critical security checks do not lead to bottlenecks that can negatively impact the journey.

In a recent incident at one of the busiest and most central train stations, SeeTrue’s AI security screening solution identified a bag containing a concealed 30-centimeter knife, alerting security personnel in real -time. As a result, the potential threat was swiftly and effectively neutralized, leading to the arrest of the individual carrying the concealed knife. This incident offers concrete proof of SeeTrue’s invaluable contribution to ensuring public safety in high-traffic transportation hubs.

Assaf Frenkel, Co-Founder and CEO of SeeTrue: “We take immense pride in deepening our expertise in AI technology to include urban security, an endeavor that complements our pioneering work in aviation, customs, and other urban security checkpoints. Partnering with a high-quality, innovative mass-transit organization like Israel Railways is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing safety and security across multiple domains, making our cities and transportation systems safer and more efficient.”

Hagay Rozenfeld, Head of Innovation, Israel Railways: “Innovation at Israel Railways is a key part of our strategy, and AI plays a pivotal role in strengthening our pledge to passenger safety, seamlessly infusing intelligence into our security strategies and enabling us to provide optimal security for our passengers and our employees.”

Shaked Bar, Head of Security, Israel Railways: “Acknowledging our responsibility to top-tier security at Israel Railways, we harness the power of AI to provide the highest security standards, ensuring the best passenger experience and safety.”

About SeeTrue:
SeeTrue is a global leader in Security Screening Solutions, leveraging its state-of-the-art AI technology for secure, fast, and efficient threat detection. SeeTrue’s AI-based automatic threat detection software is implemented around the world on top of X-ray and CT systems at airports, seaports, urban security checkpoints, customs and shipment facilities, making security and travel as fast and secure as possible while improving operational efficiency.
SeeTrue operates from Tel Aviv, London, New York and Amsterdam. For more information, visit the company’s website at

About Israel Railways:
Israel Railways, the operator of the national heavy rail system, is a Government company, serving as the execution and operation arm of the Ministry of Transport. Israel Railways has 69 stations throughout the country and it operates about 600 trains daily, connecting the major metropolitan areas in Israel as well as cities, towns and rural villages, throughout the State of Israel. As part of the strategic plan for 2040, Israel Railways is expected to make about 300 million trips a year. Many projects are currently being promoted to expand the rail network and to add new passenger stations.

Media Contact:
Sharon Salzman
Director of Marketing, SeeTrue

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